And to think we felt prepared!

Thank you for your overwhelming interest and support! We expect to have more copies by the beginning of February (including a new paperback edition!).

We are opening up the devotionals to pre-orders, but please be advised that any orders placed on devotionals that are out of stock will not be fulfilled until the next printing is finished.

We will honor the discount price of $17.95 for all pre-orders placed on or before December 31, but after that, the devotionals will be returning to regular price. The same applies for free shipping to those customers within the United States who purchase 7 devotionals or more. Please call us at 800-538-7275 to place those orders, as we are unable to get our online store to work the free shipping correctly.

We appreciate your understanding, and we do apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you. We planned for these to be incredibly popular, but we completely underestimated just how popular they would be.

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