eBook Setup Instructions
After purchasing and downloading your eBook from AFbookstore.com you'll want to transfer it to the device of your choosing, or import it into an eReader on your computer. The following instructions will help you import your eBook onto the three main eReaders available. Consult your eReader's user manual for detailed instructions.
This free software can dramatically simplify eBook management on your device, and it works with Kindle, iPad, Nook, Sony, and almost every other eReader on the market today. For detailed instructions about how to use Calibre go to the Calibre help page.

Platform compatibility:
We offer eBook formats for the Kindle (.mobi file format) and for iPad, Nook, Sony, and other ereaders (.epub file format). Be sure to select the appropriate file for your device. If you are using Calibre you will have the flexibility to convert a .mobi file into a .epub file and visa versa, but there is no guarantee that this conversion process will maintain formatting quality in the conversion proess. For best results purchase the eBook file format that works for your device.

Kindle or Nook instructions:
    • Click on the download link in the order confirmation page or the order history page and save the file to your hard drive.
    • Using a USB cable, plug the device into your computer's USB port.
    • After the device appears in your "My Computer" (Windows) or "Finder" (Mac), then drag and drop the eBook file into the "documents" or "books" folder on your device.
    • You new eBook should be available in your device's library.

iPad/iPhone instructions

    • Plug in your iPad or iPhone to your computer using the USB adapter supplied with your iPad.
    • Drag and drop the .epub file into an open iTunes window or (for Mac) drop it onto the iTunes icon. This will initiate a "copy" transaction to add the eBook to your iTunes books folder.
    • The next time you sync your iPad or iPhone with itunes make sure that you have selected to sync the new eBook in the books tab.