God Made Me: Activity Book by Gatekeeper Books

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This companion booklet to God Made Me lays out more activities than you can use in seven days. You can easily repeat the program and use new crafts that you didn’t use the first time. It allows you to tailor your presentations to your time, your budget, your help, and energy. Whether it is grinding flour from seed and baking a loaf of bread, learning some simple natural remedies, or transplanting seedlings, everything is mapped out for you.

These crafts are doable. They work in rural Africa or urban America. If you don’t have a primitive charcoal oven then use an electric range. No papaya seeds? Use tomato seeds. Can’t afford a skeleton puzzle? Cut out your own.

God made His children with minds that love to learn and discover! This Activity Booklet will help bring the God Made Me lessons to life for your class with fun hands-on activities and crafts. Select the activities that best meet the needs and resources of your group. No matter what you choose, children are sure to have fun as the activities highlight each day’s lesson.

Singing, bodybuilding, planting, sewing, coloring, home remedies, first aid… and more.

God Made Me: Activity Book by Gatekeeper Books