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One of the most confusing subjects in our world today is what happens when we die. With all the confusing, contradictory messages—wouldn’t you love to know the truth, once and for all? Do you want to help your friends and family avoid being tricked by deceptions?

This colorful, 32-page magazine outlines the Bible facts about death, hell, and eternal life in a winsome and attractive way through easy-to-read articles and stunning graphics. From the truth about souls, reincarnation, the history and dangers of spiritualism—to the full reality about heaven and hell, this is a timely resource for everyone!

Pastor Doug Batchelor says, “Everywhere we turn, popular culture is delivering a heavy dose of false information about this subject. The amazing truths and fascinating facts within this resource are guaranteed to appeal to the curiosity of true seekers of spiritual truth.”

Crucial questions answered!

  • What happens when we die?
  • What is spiritualism?
  • Is the devil in charge of hell?
  • What about heaven?
  • And much, much more!

Leave copies in medical offices, beauty salons, auto repair waiting areas, fast-food restaurants, bus stops, barbershops … the possibilities are endless. Let those you love know the truth about death and the comfort and reassurance we may have in a glorious future.

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United States United States
Review of the after life by Amazing Facts.

This is very good, experience learning about the #1 asked question in amping Christians in the world. I have never seen or heard this message written or preached with somuch knowledge. It has really took me by surprise. I now got a very good picture of how I will see God. And I don’t fear death anymore.

Ana P.
United States United States
Great Halloween tool

Gabe them out on Halloween and at a health fair. Many people interested in the title.

Nick J.
Canada Canada

I used the magazines to try and reach out to the adults bringing their children to my home door for trick or treating. I hope the ones that took them were led by the Lord to my door and I prayed that he leads their hearts to him through your resource. Thank you and may God continue to bless the Amazing Facts ministries till His glorious return. Amen!

Renata M.
United States United States

Very informative!

Roger &.
United States United States
I am satisfied.

Our overall experience was very good, and we are satisfied!

Daniel E.
United States United States
Great Magazine

The magazine covers the range of related topics very well. Great for anyone trying to understand more on the topic of what happens when one dies and the associated topics.

Joseph E.
United States United States
An opportunity to witness.

I'm still perusing it. My order was initiated by the fact that my sister, Marie, was on her deathbed, I thought this material might be useful for sharing since none of the family but myself has accepted the Three Angels Message and the state of the dead. I plan to share this material with them as I have opportunity.

Eau Clare 49111
like to see more scripture and less of what Stalin and Wood

Typos present. Needs proof read. See page 5. I like some of your other products that are more scripture. Just give us the Facts.

i plan to buy these in bulk when in stock again.

What an interesting magazine! I enjoyed reading it but when I read on page 18 about "wickedness in THE HEAVENLY places" I knew that wasn't correct as there isn't wickedness in heaven. In my King James Bible it says "wickedness in high places". I believe this makes more sense since the pagans worshipped their gods in high places. I am giving it 4 stars because of this. Otherwise I would give it a 5 star rating.

The Afterlife Mystery Magazine by Amazing Facts