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Global events are driving people to the Scriptures.

Does the Bible speak about events transpiring in our world? What does Revelation tell us about the key players in the final events? Is it possible that the United States will no longer be a sweet land of liberty?

This beautifully designed magazine provides a clear and balanced overview of Revelation 13 and 14 to help your community understand what the Bible says about the final superpowers on Earth. Perfect for church outreach, door to door distribution, and mass mailing.

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Reach Your Entire City Now!

Through major discounts you can reach your whole community for Christ with this end-time Bible truth about earth’s final superpower.

For as low as $1 per magazine + mailing costs, you can send this truth-filled magazine directly to the homes in your city or neighborhood!

*500 homes minimum, price will vary depending on addresses in each zip codes.

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Tim T.
United States
Best Summary of SDA Prophetic Higher Ground out there!

Thank you for this most excellently written and illustrated presentation of the SDA position on Daniel 2,7,8,9 and Revelation 12,13,14, and 18. I love the magazine, and so do those whom God has been able to prepare the heart for these deeper studies. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to generate interest in these matters in the Bible, even in the SDA church. Please pray that God will open more hearts to digging deeper.

Linda F.
United States United States
Very informative

Passing them out to family and friends.

Chari K.
United States United States
I give them to friends,co-workers, and family.

Good. I first ask people if they are religious. Then, I ask if they want it. Some say "yes." The U.S. catches their eye. People always say, "The U.S. isn't mentioned in the Bible." I explain that this book explains it all.

Diana M.
United States United States
Excellent magazine for exactly this time in history!

We ordered 500 of these magazines to distribute to our community. It took 2-3 weeks and they were all handed out to friends, family and neighbors. Most readily received them with interest as everyone is asking why things are happening so quickly on a worldwide scale. With prayer and fasting we sowed the seeds in hopes that these truths would fall on fertile soil and bring souls to God’s kingdom before Jesus returns. Thank you for putting these together packed with biblical truths and coinciding “Amazing Facts” with beautiful full color illustrations with relevant information!

Gary Z.
United States United States
America in Bible Prophesy

good, very informative, done well

Carl C.
United States United States

Very satisfied

Marilyn J.
United States United States

It is an awesome magazine. My son requested this magazine be sent to his aunts and uncles because he wanted them to know the Truth. Thank you for your work. My son is in prison at this time and he could not send them himself so he requested that I buy and send them for him. I was so happy to do that!

Roberr J.
United States United States
Fantastic witnessing tool

As a graduate of AFCO I am convicted of the importance of witnessing with people one on one. “Each One Save One” was the motto of our class. This publication is perfect for this time as a guide to lead people to the truth. I’m already working with two people and have seen the Holy Spirit working on their hearts. One of my students has closed his business on the Sabbath and is sharing what he is learning with his catholic wife. With that being said I just watched your video about diluting the truth and it made me wonder why you use the New King James Version of the Bible especially when it comes to quoting the three angels messages of Revelation 14. The NKJ versions reads the first angels message as the hour of his judgment “has come”and not “is come “ as the KJV reads. The word has in this context is a noun which is first person past tense leading people to think that is past. Also in Revelation 14:9 the NKJV reads that the mark of the beast is “on” the head or hand where the KJV reads as “in” the head and had which cause people to misinterpret the verse. I wish you would go back to using the true undiluted version of the Bible. Keep up the good work in providing us with tools along with the Holy Spirit to use in reaching the world one by one. God bless your ministry, Bob Johnson

Marilyn J.
United States United States
Awesome Magazine

My son is in prison. I sent one of these magazines to him and after reading it, he called me and asked me if I could get more to send to some people. Of course I said yes. I bought 10 copies and they have all been sent or given to family and friends that he wanted to have read it. He has also been sharing his copy with other inmates. He is now reading the magazine on the Sanctuary and he is loving it also. Thank you!

Ann W.
United States United States
Clear presentation

The covers well America’s role now and for times to come.

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America in Bible Prophecy Magazine by Amazing Facts