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  • Cities of Ash by Doug Batchelor

Cities of Ash by Doug Batchelor

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Lesson 10 in the Storacle Set. Where is hell? Is there such a place? Learn more about how the Bible describes it. By Doug Batchelor.

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Lesson 1 in the Storacle Set.

See how the Bible answers the questions in this lesson, and more!

1. What two cities are given as an example for the destruction of the wicked?
2. When will the wicked be destroyed in hellfire?
3. If the wicked who have died are not in hell yet, where are they?
4. What is the reward, or punishment, of sin?
5. What are the only two choices for all men?
6. What will happen to the wicked in hellfire?
7. Where will hellfire be located? .
8. Will the devil be in charge of hellfire?
9. Will the fires of hell ever go out?
10. Are both soul and body destroyed in hell?
11. For whom will hellfire be kindled?
12. How does the Bible refer to God's destruction of the wicked?
13. Doesn't the Bible phrase "unquenchable fire" indicate that the fire never goes out?
14. Doesn't the phrase "everlasting fire" mean "unending"?
15. When Revelation 20:10 states that the wicked will be tormented "for ever and ever," doesn't that indicate endless time?
16. After sin and sinners are destroyed, what will Jesus do for His people?
17. Will the sin problem ever rise again?
18. What penetrating question does Job ask?

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Author Doug Batchelor
Publisher Amazing Facts
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Photo of Doug Batchelor

Doug Batchelor

As a teenager, Doug Batchelor had everything money could buy—everything but happiness. His search led him to drugs, fights, and suicidal fantasies. Convinced that life held no purpose, he soon found himself scavenging food from garbage bins and living in a cave in the hills above Palm Springs.

The happiness Doug wanted eluded him until the day he began reading the dust-covered Bible someone had left in his cave. What happened next can only be described as a miracle! Today, Pastor Doug is president of Amazing Facts, an international multimedia ministry, and can be seen and heard around the world on television and radio programs such as Central Study Hour, Amazing Facts Presents, and Bible Answers Live.

Doug's down-to-earth approach to living the Christian life stems from his own experiences. He is an energetic man of vision and deep spirituality with an unusual ability to communicate not only to church members, but also to the millions of secular-minded people of today. He is the author of dozens of books, including, The Richest Caveman, Caveman Theology, Shadows of Light, Broken Chains, and At Jesus’ Feet .