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Omega 3 Uplift Bar by Beneficial Foods

Omega 3 Uplift Bar by Beneficial Foods

Beneficial Foods
Language: English
Item #: FD-OUB

Now $1.98 - Limited Quantities (4)

Get these great-tasting, nutritious bars designed to keep your spirit cheerful! Recommended by Dr. N...
Get these great-tasting, nutritious bars designed to keep your spirit cheerful! Recommended by Dr. Neil Nedley to help keep you out of the doldrums and more. (Single Bar) By Beneficial Foods.

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Get better brain performance while indulging in a delicious, healthy treat!

The brain is the control center for the entire body, and proper brain nutrition is essential for maintaining a sense of well being.

This tasty, satisfying treat has an abundance of power-packed seeds, which are the beginning of life and contain powerful nutrients for the brain. Beneficial Foods has developed this bar to provide your body with essential brain nutrients identified by science:
  • Tryptophan, as found naturally in nuts and seeds
  • Folic Acid
  • and Vitamin B-12.
It also includes seeds such as Flax Seed Meal (Omega-3), Pumpkin Seeds (L-Arginine), Sunflower Seeds (Vitamin E), and Sesame Seeds (Calcium). It also contains other ingredients such as Almonds, Walnuts, and Complex Carbohydrates (Granola and Crisp Brown Rice) to round out the nutrition.

Packed with nutrition and great flavor, so check it out!
Neil Nedley, M.D., is a full-time practicing physician in Internal Medicine with emphasis in Gastroenterology, Mental Health, Lifestyle Medicine, and the difficult-to-diagnose patient.

He has provided continuing medical education courses to physicians and health professionals around the world. He has also given numerous health education seminars to general public audiences worldwide.

Dr. Nedley is author of the book Proof Positive: How to Reliably Combat Disease and Achieve Optimal Health through Nutrition and Lifestyle, now in its fourth printing. It tackles heart disease, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure, high cholesterol, and many other diseases, providing common sense nutritional and lifestyle therapies that can make a substantial difference in treatment and/or prevention of these common conditions.

Because Major Depression has become so commonly seen in internal medicine practices, Dr. Nedley spent considerable time in medical university libraries researching causes as well as treatments of this debilitating condition. The results of this research brought about the Nedley Depression Recovery Program that is highly effective in treating both depression and anxiety. He now runs a comprehensive residential treatment program for those with treatment resistant depression and/or anxiety which to date, has produced an unprecedented 98 percent response rate in attendees.

He is author of the book, Depression-the Way Out and author of the 8-part DVD Workbook Series that is used extensively in mental health education programs throughout the U.S. and other countries. He designed a test (patent pending) that helps an individual or physician determine the specific operative causes that impair mental performance. The test also determines levels of depression and/or anxiety (if present) and the level of emotional intelligence. Dr. Nedley also conducts training-the-trainer programs in mental health in various locations and online. His books have been translated into Spanish, German, Portugese, Korean, Czeck, Hungarian, Romanian and other languages.

Dr. Nedley is President of Weimar Center of Health and Education that runs a residential lifestyle center, academy and college in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Mountains outside Sacramento, California. He is owner of the Nedley Clinic in Ardmore, Oklahoma an internal medicine practice that runs a full service clinical laboratory, and is also President of Ardmore Gastroenterology Management, and President of the Southern Oklahoma Diagnostic Center that operates an MRI imaging center.

Dr. Nedley is an instrument rated pilot. He and his wife Erica have four boys. All family members enjoy flying, bicycling, mountain hiking, snow skiing, tennis, and performing or listening to good sacred or classical music.