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NKJV Remnant Study Bible (Leathersoft Burgundy) by Remnant Publications
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NKJV Remnant Study Bible (Leathersoft Burgundy) by Remnant Publications

Remnant Publications
Language: English
Item #: BK-RLB

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This Bible combines insightful commentary by E. G. White with the text of the New King James. Of cou...
This Bible combines insightful commentary by E. G. White with the text of the New King James. Of course, it’s also replete with a full array of study aids, including chain reference Bible studies, a study on prophetic symbols, and so much more! By Remnant Publications.

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Remnant Study Bible - Leathersoft Burgundy

Many study Bibles are available today. The new Remnant Study Bible, however, is unique in ways that set it apart from all others. For example, in the list below, you’ll notice that for the first time ever, this Bible combines special comments by E. G. White with the text of the New King James Version. In addition, this Bible is replete with a full array of Bible study aids, including a complete set of Chain Reference Bible Studies, a section on Prophetic Symbols, and sections on the prophecies of Daniel and on the Bible’s teaching about the Sanctuary.

Of course, this Bible also includes what any good study Bible offers, such as book introductions and outlines, an extensive concordance, an abundance of cross-references, and wide margins for personal notes. No other study Bible offers more features for personal Bible study—and for sharing with others—than does The Remnant Study Bible.

Special Features:

  • E. G. White Comments (first time ever in the New King James Version)
  • Bible Chain References for Bible Studies
  • Approximately 45,000 Scripture Cross References
  • Red-letter Edition
  • Book Introductions and Outlines
  • Chapter Subtitles
  • Parables and Miracles of Jesus
  • Color Images of the Sanctuary, Prophetic Symbols, and Maps
  • Concordance
  • E.G. White’s Companion Guide
  • Read the Bible in a Year Guide
  • Wide Margins for Notes
  • 2 Ribbon Markers
  • High-quality Smyth Sewn Binding

When I first went into business for myself, selling and distributing books was the last thing on my mind. Especially Christian books. But God has a way of changing things.

I went from being a high school rebel to an Airborne Ranger to running a successful, multi-million dollar manufacturing company. I had all the trappings of the American dream—wonderful wife, sweet kids, nice home and a few toys as well. But something just wasn’t right. Books changed my life. God’s Holy Word—and a set of Bible study companions helped me to finally understand what it said. They had such an impact on my life that I sold my off-road suspension company and dedicated the rest of my life to selling God’s books.

During the past twenty-five years, Remnant Publications has printed and distributed literally millions of these life-changing books, and many other lives in addition to my own have been transformed forever. Will you join this number? The tools are here. The choice is yours.