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Moving Mountains: A Daily Devotional
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Moving Mountains: A Daily Devotional

Language: English
Item #: AF-MMDD

$21.95 Now $14.95 - In Stock

It’s about getting back to the Bible and listening better to His creative, powerful voice through co...
It’s about getting back to the Bible and listening better to His creative, powerful voice through compelling, fun, and imaginative daily readings. A perfect gift for friends and family! By Amazing Facts.
ePub (iPad, NOOK, Sony, Android) $21.95 $14.95
Kindle $21.95 $14.95

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Moving Mountains is about getting back to the Bible and reconnecting with God. It features …

  • A page for each day — 366 entries filled with amazing facts about technology, biology, history, and more
  • Key Bible texts and Scripture index
  • Two-color inside layout for easy reading
  • Beautifully embossed leathersoft cover
  • Written by eight new writers with fresh, contemporary insights
It’s a wonderful devotional for family worship time and is perfect as a high-quality leathersoft gift for students, graduates, baptismal candidates … and anyone else you can think of!

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Produt Details:
Author: 8 New Writers  Format: Brown Leathersoft/ eBook          
Publisher: Amazing Facts Pages:  384
Publication Date: October 2011  
Size: 5.25 in x 7.25 in               
ISBN: 9-784-58019-497-6 (leathersoft)
           9-781-58019-477-8 (eBook)

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